TEIJIN (THAILAND) Fct. welcomed delegates from Taiwan & 3R Foundation
2018-10-29 14:38

TEIJIN (THAILAND)  Fct.  welcomed   delegates   from  Taiwan & 3R Foundation

On October 19, 2018,  TJT welcomed  9   delegates from Taiwan  (Center of Excellence  on Green Productivity , Asian Productivity Organization) and  3R Foundation in Thailand   for study  mission  on  Waste and Recycling Management in Thailand.  

Mr. Weerachai Chriswathanyu, Sales Division Manager and Leader of Eco Project team  presented to Taiwan delegates  TPL and TJT  business  activities  and  its   recycled  products and process.

The  Taiwanese delegation  also shared  with us   how Taiwan  manages  its  wastes  and recycling resources.